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Real Banking

Functionalities :

Real Banker

GUI (Graphical User Interface) Operation

Real-Banker offers all Windows advantages with the Graphical User Interface. This helps to use the mouse and get all graphics on screen for easy operation and pleasant view.

User Friendly and Common User Interface

The Software is developed for the Windows Operating System. Any person who has a fair idea of Windows Operating System can operate it. The Software has click and select option and even has a free keyboard operation option. Real-Banker can be easily ported to a variety of platforms.


Real-Banker ensures that the system is completely flexible and can be used regardless of variations in banking practice. It has been designed to support Intra Branch transaction and hold large volume of data with quick instant reporting facility.

Real Banker


On-line transaction posting and Common Customer Master for all modules. This helps to find out the details of accounts of a customer in the bank. Integrated with all sections, all modules are linked to each other which help to get instant reports and bank position.


Real-Banker banking application provides administrator level, manager level and user level, option level passwords to control the whole system. The administrator can have security script (user logout, login information) as and when required.

Real-Banker Features

  • Savings Bank
  • Current Account
  • Term Deposits
  • Term Loans
  • Over Drafts / Cash Credits
  • Final Accounts Branches
  • Final Accounts Head Office
  • Daily Deposit / Pigmy
  • Miscellaneous Accounts
  • Asset Management
  • DD Issue / Pay Order
  • Standing Instructions
  • Instruments
  • Dead Stock / Printing & Stationery
  • Shares
  • Inward / Outward Bills
  • Bill Discount
  • Clearing
  • Locker
  • EST (Payroll)
  • Bank / Branch Reconciliation
  • Legal
  • Suspense Accounts
  • Investments
  • Borrowings
  • RBI Returns
  • NABARD Loans (PCARD Bank)
  • Remittances
  • Pass Book, ID Cards, Receipts
  • Certificates and Dividend Warrants
  • Multi Cashier Scroll

Common Search Engine

Search customer information on first name, sound like or with any given character of the name. This enables to find customer information or account holder information easily and quickly. This search engine is found in almost all screens of the software.

Instant Account Browsing

The user can view last Ten transactions of the customer instantly while transaction posting. There is also provision to browse full account details.

Alert Message

The software allows to register public and special bank holidays. This is in turn alerts the user not to make transactions on the holidays. However, provisions can be made to make transactions on such day with the help of the administrator. Different alert messages will help to reduce mishandling by the user.

System Administration

Day-End, Day-Begin routine to stop back date transactions, multilevel password security, user definable section authentications, data recovery utilities, last logon scripts, detail logged in script, periodically, easy backup retrieve routines.

Real-Banker Advantages

  • Single Window Customer Service
  • Ability to compete with other leading banks / societies.
  • Increase in the number of services offered
  • Easy access to different section and learn all general area operation by each staff
  • Reduce duplicate work
  • Instruct and complete information quickly
  • Ability to store more information in less space
  • Ledger less office
  • Faster retrieval of information
  • Subsidiary and main day books
  • Instant interest calculation
  • Consolidated Final Accounts
  • DCB, NPA, RBI Returns
  • Cash / Bank Position
  • Liquid Asset
  • Borrow & Lending Rates
  • Dormant Accounts
  • Matured Deposits
  • Controlled back dated entries
  • Net gold and packets held
  • Insurance Due Register
  • Security Register
  • Direct, Indirect Surety
  • Customer History
  • ATM Connectivity
  • Tele Banking Facility
  • Prepare branch / bank reconciliation
  • Account balance integrity
  • Maintenance of minor accounts
  • Joint account maintenance

Standing Instructions Execution

Real-Banker is equipped with Standing Instructions Execution Module, it can execute automatically on the given date with password confirmation. The module helps out to keep standing instructions to RD, SB to Loan etc.

Debit / Credit Limits

Real-Banker is parameterized such as to allows to set the Debit and Credit transaction limit.

TDS on Interest Earned

TDS calculation facility is available.

Periodical RBI Updates

Real-Banker has a system of periodically updating RBI returns as and when RBI norms changes.

Periodical NABARD Updates

NABARD returns updated timely as and when the norms changes.

Cheque / DD Authentication & Stop Payment / Release

Authentication of Cheques presented. Stop payment / release cater the employee for better and error free service.

Loan Installment Rescheduling and Part Advancing

Loan balance can be rescheduled as many times as required. Part advancing is also possible for all types of loan if required.

End User level Locker Setup

The user can design the locker as per their locker structure / Design.

Signature and Thumb Impression

Customer signature and Thumb Impression and IMAS Signatures possible for account operation authentication and locker operation.

Daily Returns to Head Office

Daily, Monthly Head Office returns updating through Internet / or any external media.

Inter Branch Connectivity

Anywhere inter branch banking facility is well equipped in Real-Banker.

Pigmy / Daily Deposit through PDA

Pigmy collection can be updated directly from PDA. This helps to maintain accuracy and time saving.

Auto Transfer Facility (Dividend, Deposit & Loan Interest)

Auto interest transfer like Savings Bank, Cash Credits, Loans and also Dividend is possible.

Inter Transfer Facility

Inter transfer facility is available in Real-Banker to maintain accuracy and maintain double entry book keeping system.

Pass Book, DD Printing

Pass Book, DD's, PO's, ID Cards, Deposit Receipts, Share Certificates and Dividend warrant printing.

Cheque, DD's PO's Stock

Cheques, DD's, PO's, Certificates, Pass Book Stock can be maintained while transaction and receipts.

Post Dated and Multi Loan Credits

Post dated transactions can be posted and updated on date. Multi loan credit facility is available.

Our Expertise

  • .NET / ASP.NET
  • AJAX / Silver light
  • Oracle
  • Microstoft SQL Server
  • My SQL
  • Java & Java Script
  • VB Script
  • Visual Studio .NET
  • PHP
  • Python
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Real Banking

Real Banking
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